Physics is one major link between UoH and TIFR… Come 1 August, the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research will join us in organizing a conference on MODERN OPTICS. Its many homecomings, most importantly that of Prof. Girish Agarwal who was one of the earliest faculty members in the School of Physics at HCU, who had been Dean and steered the School for many years before he left for the Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, and then in 2006 to the Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where he is presently Noble Foundation Chair and Regents Professor of Physics.

As Homi Bhabha Chair at TIFR, he will be spending a few days with us at HCU and will deliver a Distinguished Lecture on the 4th of August on Quantum Interference between Independent Photons. The abstract of the talk: Historically the observation of interference by Thomas Young established the wave nature of light and the founders of quantum mechanics like de Broglie and Schroedinger were motivated by the interference of light to arrive at the wave equation for quantum particles like electrons. With the advent of quantum theory of light by Planck, Dirac pondered over how the interference would arise with single photons. Contrary to the common belief, I show how interference between independent quantum particles is possible. This new possibility has strict quantum character and has applications in diverse areas such as generation of entanglement between independent systems remote or otherwise and in general in quantum state engineering.

The meeting that starts at 10:00 on the 1st of August (Monday) focuses on the Future of Optical Sciences in India. 

Speakers from HCU include Subhash Chaturvadi, Nirmal Viswanathan, D Narayana Rao and Subhasis Dutta Gupta, while those from TIFR are M Krishnamurthy, S Mujumdar, and A Venugopal. In addition, the conference brings together a number of leading physicists from institutions such as IPR Gandhinagar, IIA Bangalore, BARC, CAT Indore, IMSc Chennai,  and others.


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