Yamini 2011

This is just culled from any number of sources and is both a tribute to the SPIC-MACAY organization as well as a means of sharing. 14th August night, from 8:30 onwards at the DST Auditorium on the HCU campus, there will be an amazing array of talent performing Indian classical music and dance. Shri T. N. Seshagopalan (Carnatic Vocal),  Shri Kalakrishna (Andhra Natyam & Perini Tandavam), Pt. Ronu Majumdar (Bansuri),  Hyderabad Brothers -Shri Seshachari & Shri Raghavachari (Carnatic Vocal), Pt. Sanjeev Abhayankar (Hindustani Vocal Concert), Lalgudi G J R Krishnan & Smt. Vijayalakshmi (Duet Violin Concert). What more can one want?!

From the SPIC-MACAY Facebook page, more info:
SPIC MACAY is celebrating Virasat 2011 across the country, with performances of several art forms organized in educational institutions.

The special and unique feature of Hyderabad Virasat 2011 is the second edition of the overnight concert ‘Yamini’, which will commence at 8:30 pm on 14 Aug and will continue until the break of dawn on 15 Aug  at DST Auditorium, University of Hyderabad, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. It is a significant coincidence that we would be going onto a tryst with soulful music through the stroke of the midnight hour which broke the shackles of long British Raj over our motherland. We would be celebrating our Independence in the real way.

Yamini promises to be an enthralling night with performances by maestros of Indian Classical Music and Dance. Yamini meaning ‘Night’, is the night that descends on gently, slowly, to the mellifluous notes of music and the gentle rhythm of the artistes’ feet. It is the night when the clouds above, part to reveal the star spangled banner of the dark skies. It is the night when the lush green campus of the University of Hyderabad, will sport their best hospitality for the patrons of art. When Yamini is on, you wake up to your inner self and dissolve in the shower of music and dance. From Malkauns to Bhairavi, from dusk to dawn, the night of revelation prevails.

The overnight is an eclectic mix of Indian Classical Music performances on a single dais. Organised by SPIC MACAY- University of Hyderabad Sub-Chapter, it is open to all.

The five artists performing are:
Shri T. N. Seshagopalan (Carnatic Vocal)
Pt. Ronu Majumdar (Bansuri)
Pt. Sanjeev Abhayankar (Hindustani Vocal)
Shri Kalakrishna (Andhra Natyam & Perini Tandavam)
Shri Lalgudi G J R Krishnan & Smt. Vijayalakshmi (Duet Violin Concert)

Yamini traces her journey from night to dawn, let us welcome the overnight with our presence. Let us see the truest movements of our life in nutshell. Let us get enveloped by the colour of music over our daily existence. Let us sit on the boat of moon, and while we undertake the great journey from night to dawn, let music be our guide.

We assure you, that these five stars will elevate your senses to different realm. SPIC MACAY invites you to an evening of spiritual ecstasy.

Come and watch the stars with us…


One thought on “Yamini 2011

  1. I’m happy to share that the SPIC MACAY Yamini 2011 (the classical overnight concerts) organised at the University of Hyderabad on the Independence Day eve (14th August 2011) was a grand success. This is the second year of Yamini at Hyderabad. The event was very well received by students, teachers, staffs and other sections of the society. The organising team at the University of Hyderabad with the support and guidance of Hyderabad Chapter team has done a wonderful job. I must add in last 4 years since its inception SPIC MACAY- University of Hyderabad Sub-Chapter has organised about 85 events including one state convention and two overnight concerts. We’ve a very good volunteer base there.

    Link to photos:

    Link to The Hindu article:

    Some quick comments for Yamini ’11:

    Shruthi Vishwanath, a student and SPIC MACAY volunteer from BITS Pilani- Hyderabad Campus writes:

    Dear SPIC MACAY volunteers and especially the UoH SPIC MACAY team,
    Fantastic program- brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for the fabulous program of Yamini last night. I applaud you for your efforts. Let’s keep the movement going strong.

    Santosh Srinivas from Kalaparva-An Exclusive eZine on Indian Arts & Artistes (http://www.kalaparva.com) writes:

    I totally second Shruthi’s thoughts! Hats off to the organizing team!!

    P. K. Hima Bindu, a student and SPIC MACAY volunteer from Univ. of Hyd. writes:

    Thank you so much for supporting our team….
    and thank you for your responce. This gives us strength and positive energy…..
    we’ll together take the movement further…………

    Vijaykumar Reddy, SPIC MACAY volunteer writes:

    Congratulations to each and every member of UoH Spic Macay team for organising Yamini successfully for the second time.

    Let’s support and celebrate the spirit of Volunteerism !!!

    Thanks and regards !

    +91 94901 22248

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