Breakfast Symmetry

Mr Venkatesh from the Lake View Guest House has been deputed to do the housekeeping in the flat that I am currently occupying (off campus, but that is hopefully for a short while, till the VC’s Lodge on campus gets renovated). In the past few days, he has been turning out breakfasts that are a visual treat, and I thought, given the way in which all of one’s life is out there, I would share some images.

These arrangements, made of apple, kiwi, fig, and grapes- have  interesting symmetries- and are entirely spontaneous creations. With some encouragement and motivation, of course, but the ideas are all there… Group theoretic analysis (of the idealized arrangement, of course), anyone?

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to what he comes up with tomorrow…


7 thoughts on “Breakfast Symmetry

  1. This looks great!. In the e-mail communication I received from the blog the images weren’t there. Though I was disappointed about it, the words of praise for the “maker” were so telling that I could not resist till I saw the visual treat!!!

    M. Sridhar
    Dept. of English

  2. This is a slightly tangential remark. The staff at the Lake View Guest House may provide very good service to the VIPs, but the food served to ordinary people on ordinary days at the guest house is not so good. For instance, it is rare to get chapatti or puri made of good quality wheat flour from the guest house. In general, they mix a lot of maida or some other low quality powder in chapatti and puri.

    • It is also difficult to get repairs to the housing quarters of lecturers/readers and non-teaching staff, for which they pay rent. The VC’s house will be repaired shortly, while the rest of the A, B and C quarter residents will continue to live in rain damaged huts.

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