Jean-Michel, Marcel… Arnold

I thought I would share the results of a misspent Sunday morning when ewandering brought me to the site of Jean-Michel Folon, an artist who I have greatly admired ever since I bought (now sadly lost…) some posters of his in New York about 35 years ago (thank you, DeFrietas!). The watercolour to the right, a card he made for Amnesty International, and the World Cup Football poster to the left give you some idea of his charm and wit.

Folon, who died in 2005 had set up the Fondation Folon (and museum) in the 1990’s. Exploring that site, I came across the Proust Questionnaire – something I had not come across before (the results of a sheltered life, I guess). To learn more about the PQ, I went, naturally to Wikipedia… and found that there is an online version (with a different set of questions). This had, unfortunately, dangerous consequences… I tried this “Turbo Proust” to discover that based on my answers, I was most similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Anyhow, I thought that for the UoH community, an updated PQ might be of interest, so here are 14 questions, down from the original 25 or so (you can see them in the Wikipedia article, along with Proust’s original answers in 1890). Some of these are about you, and some of these are for what you see about the University and your interaction with it. The UPQ is for these times, when life is lived on Facebook (for the most part), so feel free to add questions! .

  1. Your preferred virtue
  2. Your main character trait
  3. UoH’s biggest shortcoming
  4. Your biggest quality
  5. What you like the most about the UoH
  6. Your favourite occupation
  7. Your dream of happiness
  8. What would be your biggest misfortune?
  9. Apart from the UoH, where would you like to be?
  10. Your heroes in real life
  11. Your heroes in history
  12. The historical events you despise most
  13. The reform at the UoH you would most value
  14. The natural gift you would love to possess.

As we all know, these questionnaires don’t really mean much and are poor indicators of personality. But they are harmless enough and can be fun.

I’ll be back…


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