Today, 3 December, is the United Nations  International Day of Persons with DisabilitiesThe Day aims to promote better understanding of disability issues with a focus on the rights of persons with disabilities and gains to be derived from the integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of the political, social, economic and cultural life of their communities.

Later this month, Shivani Gupta of Access Ability and her team will be on our campus to undertake a complete Disability Audit of all the buildings, roads and other facilities. The Dean of Students Welfare’s office has been coordinating this effort, and our aim is to make as much of the campus accessible to persons with disabilities as possible, and to work for a full access in the future. This means ramps and elevators where possible, but also more.

One other news that is appropriate to share today is that the State Bank of India has very recently given us a 32 seater bus for the campus, specially designed to be accessible to persons with disabilities. This will be for in-campus transport and will run as a shuttle. The bus is not yet on our campus- there is some body work needed on it- but shall be here soon. A great gesture on the part of SBI– many thanks to them on behalf of all of us!


3 thoughts on “IDPwD

  1. Wonderful idea to have a bus specially designed for disabled students.Disabled students can access library, shop com, food court easily with this facility. May be we will be the first university to have such kind of facility. Along with SBI, we must thank our Hon.Vice-Chancellor, Prof. R. Ramaswamy sir for this great idea and for their efforts in making it possible.

  2. Our heartfelt thanks to Prof.Ramakrishnan, V.C and the management of the SBI for providing the transport for differentially abled students.

    I must share with the campus that I felt really happy to see the news item that Prof.Ramakrishnan has already been on a very productive drive to raise corpus fund to the University. Till now very “innovative” thoughts have gone into spending whatever is accumulated but never to build up the corpus to the university.

    We all must contribute in whatever way we can in strengthening the productive ideas and initiatives of Prof.Ramakrishnan, VC.

  3. Thank you very much to our vice chancellor and SBI. This has been one of the long pending desire of persons with disabilities in the campus. This initiation and access audit are the greatest efforts and giving a hope of accessible campus in few days.

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