Finding your Mojo

The other day when discussing the general state of affairs with a group of colleagues, I was talking about one of the main problems confronting a University that is growing older, namely finding relevance in the face of that endemic cynicism that comes with age.

Call it what you will – Finding your mojo, finding your groove, its about getting back something that was once there, a remembrance of things past, the way we were.

Apropos of which, a festival like the one we just experienced, last week’s SUKOON was, in many ways, refreshing. Although I felt it was poorly timed (it was too hot during the days, and many campus children had Board examinations) it was a good opportunity for students to get together and participate in group events, compete, interact. There were small things that could have been done differently, and  maybe next time around they will, but all in all, such an event focuses the vibrancy and vitality of our student life.

That said, there is a need for us at the UoH to find our mojo once again. Seriously, the urban dictionary will tell you that the word means “Self-confidence, Self-assuredness. As in `basis for belief in ones self in a situation’.” And more, but thats enough for now- its really the vibrancy and vitality  that this University had in plenty at one point in time. Maybe its just that we were younger then, or smaller, or just plain newer. But given the fact that our students change every so often, there should be a freshness that comes with this sense of renewal, something that should keep us on our toes and evolving.

And, of course,  it had best come from within.  But some things are, however, not for the asking, so one does need to make an effort. I, for one, am sure that it is there…


4 thoughts on “Finding your Mojo

  1. Introspection of this kind (“its really just the vibrancy and vitality that this University had it in plenty at one point in time”) by the Head of the Institution appears to have ignored major factors by listing only small players (“its just that we were younger then, or smaller, or just plain newer”). Such introspection will be useful only when we could find the actual reasons and improve the situation in future. There is nothing specific in the listed factors that one can really work upon because we can neither be younger or newer, nor can we afford to be smaller.

    • I don’t believe there is a single reason or even a small set of reasons that one can identify and “improve the situation in future”… and I don’t think you do, either. Regaining “enthu” is so largely a personal matter, its almost a choice one makes, I think. But maybe we differ on that.

  2. Sir,
    I am quite humbled for your refering to our ‘mojo’, which historically has quite diverse plebeian connotations, however, somehow there are two things that I think are necessary for finding our mojo, that is we need to think our campus as a community space (like a village or a small town), and for that we need a working public sphere, practiced through something like a daily newspaper and a powerful forum where different researches can be ‘practiced’ (debated\ideated) ranging from the sciences to the humanities.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Sorry for writing something quite unrelated to this post but what i wanted to write is really bothering me and most students too, i would guess.

    I’ve been having aproblem with the crossing the road in front of the main gate and i am pretty sure its not been easy for other students too. Sir can you find a way around the system and decrease the speed of cars coming towards UOH?( although the road is a national highway.)
    The toughest times and riskiest, is around 8-10 in the mornings and 5-8 in the evenings, when cars don’t care to slow down at all in front of the gate, despite the zebra crossings and the yellow lights blinking. To make it more risky, you can’t always see the cars approaching from either side, because on one side there is a slow uphill and on the other there is a bend pretty close to the gate.
    Sir, can you please find a way to make it easier and more importantly safer to get across the road in front of the main gate?

    Thank you

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