Mee Kosam: UoH Podcasts

In an effort to take some instruction out of the classroom- both for the teacher and the taught- Vasuki Belavadi of the SN School’s Department of  Communication has set up our new Podcast site,

The About Us page says: UOH PODCASTS features audio and video content from University of Hyderabad, India’s premier central university. It provides you with access to audios/videos of excellent public lectures by eminent personalities, interviews, comments by experts on various issues & tutorials. Some podcasts featured on this website are also from Bol Hyderabad 90.4 FM, the university’s campus radio station. Content on this site is being updated regularly. All content on this website is free for download.

These podcasts can be listened/ watched either online or downloaded to your computer/ mobiles/ mp3 / video players. You can also listen to them on iTunes.

One one page there is listed, as of now, a set of interviews with some recent eminent visitors- Robert Kanigel, Leela Samson, and David Shulman and Radhika Hegde, but this is just a representative fraction of the really exciting speakers we have had in the last few months… Clearly we need more.

In addition, there is a set of 5 minute long lessons, Spoken Telugu. Put together by Vasuki along with Pawan Kumar Pammi of the Telugu Department and a group of enthusiastic RJ’s at BOL FM, these bit sized instructional programs are an engaging way to learn the language. So far I have managed to learn to count along with Dipu and Ashwathi.   Their charming promo for “Your Daily cup of Telugu” made me listen, not once, but at least padi times- Feel left out amongst your Telugu friends? Want to learn spoken Telugu? This series of podcasts will be a fun, intuitive way of learning spoken Telugu. The best podcasts on the internet to learn the language as it’s really spoken. Authentic.

Clearly this is site we’d like to build up, other lectures, other languages, anything you’d like to learn or just listen to… In the end, this is really for you- the University community, and more generally, for everyone, so please write in to the podcast team,  at and let them know what you would like to hear.

Also check out Vasuki’s Blog to learn how to make a podcast! Apart from a zillion other things in communicating. Great byline, Learn to Learn!


6 thoughts on “Mee Kosam: UoH Podcasts

  1. Namaste!
    Congratulations to Prof. Belvadi and his team and special complements to Dr. Pavan. Conversation of students involved in the podcasts is very attractive. Keep the good work up.

  2. Wonderful Vasuki! and the ‘Your daily cup of Telugu’ is done so well… Deepu, Aswathi and Rajitha do a real goood job: vanda out of vanda to your team (see, even I picked up the numbers) :-).

  3. Congrats to Vasuki, Aswathi and Rajitha. It is done well.

    Vasuki if you have no objection, can I link your data to my website? ( I am in the process of uploading around 10,000 old Telugu and English books for Open Access and among them are some of the 19th century Telugu books meant to teach Telugu to British Civil Servents and Judges in India. I am going to upload the data during holidays in May. Once it is done I will inform you so that you can also use our resources.


  4. Dear listeners/learners,
    “Namaskarams” to all.
    We are planning to give a variety of content through various topics in the ensuing Telugu podcasts. Please forward your feedback on Telugu podcasts and help us in making the efforts more useful.
    Thank you for your encouragement.
    Dr. Pavan Kumar,
    on behalf of the Telugu podcasts team of UoH.

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