The New Year, and Campus Walk 2013

Let me start with Good wishes to All for the coming year!


This New Year’s walk is dedicated to Nirbhaya and is being coordinated by our University’s  NSS.  The suggestion is to go clockwise (seeing it from above, that is) around the campus perimeter. Starting at the Admin building, we will go via the Health Centre to the small gate, CMSD, through the woods, along the wall to the Mushroom rock, to the TNGO colony… coming back via the South Campus. Here is a poorly edited map of the route, cobbled together with the help of Google Maps. We start at B and end at A.

UntitledI look forward to seeing you on the 1st. We start at 2:00 pm (for any updates, watch this space).


7 thoughts on “The New Year, and Campus Walk 2013

    • Oh, I am so excited to see the present ‘boundary’ limits, we guys are lucky because we could finish the walk with in 3 hours where in 1980’s one of the vice chancellor took an initiative like this and he came back after 2 days covering length and breadth of the University (he was energetic too). The luckiest will be our kids . In their time they will go for a campus walk of 10 minutes.

      • I got lost once (I got lost many times but that is a different story) in the campus jungle. Tired after one hour, I sat down on a stone (what is a rock?) and watched the small nature unfold around me. For sometime I was afraid of the loneliness but then I felt the loneliness of us as a whole in the world and it was a strange feeling. But after two hours when I got up I had no problem finding the way!

        The universe (it is believed) is finite but without a boundary (just like the surface of our earth is finite but without any boundary). Our university should be like that!

        We should avoid the beaten path. Walking is fun for me- still – even at this ripe young age.

  1. Nice to hear about the walk. Wish we, the alumnus could join too. A nice way to start a new year. Wish you and our university a great year.

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