Over the past year(s) we have had several  “Distinguished Lectures” at the University- namely special lectures by eminent scholars that we hope will address a range of issues that are of general interest. In reverse order, these have been

  • Veena Das, Politics of the Urban Poor. 11/1/13
  • Joseph Stiglitz, Macro Economics in crisis: An agenda for rejuvenating the discipline. 4/1/13
  • William Dalrymple, The Return of a King: Battle for Afghanistan (1839-43). 10/12/12
  • Michael Berry,  The maggot in the apple: peaceful coexistence of incompatible theories. 18/10/12
  • K Srinath Reddy, Public Health Needs An ‘All of Society’ Approach. 17/9/12
  • Vasudha Dalmia,  Nature, Science, and Civilization: Agyeya’s Anti-city Novel (1952). 30/8/12
  • Walter Russell Mead, America’s Sticky Power. 7/8/12
  • Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Re-embracing Keynes Scholars, Admirers and Sceptics in the Aftermath of the Crisis.  9/3/12
  • Andrew ShengThe Seven Distortions of the Global Economy. 25/1/12
  • David Hume, Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor and the Control of Macrophage Differentiation. 10/1/12
  • Mriganka Sur, Brains, Minds and Machines. 6/1/12.
  • Herbert Gleiter, Can Poly/ Nano-glasses open the way to an age of Glassy Materials? 15/11/11
  • Barbara Harriss-White, Capitalism and Common Man. 11/11/11
  • David Shulman, A South Indian Concept of Nature: Notes from Telugu Kavya. 8/8/11
  • Girish S. Agarwal,  Quantum Interference between Independent Photons. 4/8/11
  • Yu Yongding, China’s Development Strategy over the Past Three Decades. 28/7/11
  • Palagummi Sainath,  The Media: Another Kind of Convergence. 20/7/11
  • V. S. Ramachandran, Neurology: from molecules to metaphor. 19/7/11

Untitled 2

In addition to these, there have been any number of lectures by equally distinguished persons- Rudy Marcus, Mahasweta Devi, Romila Thapar, M S Narasimhan… many others.

A new initiative to share this bounty with the public has led us to put several of these lectures onto YouTube. The most recent three of the above lectures, as well as the speech by Rudy Marcus are all on YouTube, and we have a photoblog as well! All courtesy our recent S N School graduates Gautami and Manikrishna. And the PRO, Ashish Jacob…

Enjoy, and please also let your friends know! The special lectures of the UoH are now available for all. Here are the links. Veena Das, Joseph Stiglitz, William Dalrymple, and Rudy Marcus. There will be more as time goes on… So mark the blog space, and you can always search for Untitled 3. Thats large!


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