Bridging the Gap(ps)

bridgeI have remarked earlier that our campus seems to be quite adept in not transmitting as much information as might be possible quite easily:  the informal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy that seems to operate on so many fronts. And being connected, something that’s inevitable in these times, is more via the giant Facebook in the sky than on closer, campus based entities.

I don’t know how many have been looking at the UoH Herald, the online newsletter being run by the PRO’s office with some help from the S N School’s Department of Communication. Their byline: UoH HERALD is an attempt to save paper but connect with the world on the happenings on the campus. That said, they are doing a great job, and for the most part offer a very comprehensive news service for many things that happen on campus.

As many of you have (woefully!) remarked, we really do need a better website– the one we have at present hardly does us justice. Apart from being difficult to navigate, it is also a wonderful place to hide any information one needs to! Some effort is being made to change that, and hopefully the next academic year will see us with a new website. Meanwhile, there are some plans afoot (and near at hand) to change the way in which we connect within the campus in the coming months, and while I will post about things as they happen, I thought I would alert the campus community to the first of the bridging initiatives that we are trying.

UoH Google Apps. With the help of Google we have created a service for the whole campus community that give each member of the campus personalized email accounts. You can choose to be (details on how to get the account is given below) or even This has the same features and custom settings as the ubiquitous Gmail with 25 GB space and the usual set of frills…

imagesGoogle Apps comes with a Calendar function which enables a master online calendar for UoH. Every public event can be posted, sharing information and enabling all to participate. (SMS alerts also possible!) Profiles of people, Departments and Centres, Seminars, events all possible at This service is free and is open for each member of the UoH Community to edit and design. I hope that all Departments, Schools- faculty and students will make good use of it. Essentially unlimited space will be available for storing materials like lecture talks, audio, video, podcasts, and so on.

All this starts with getting your mail id: write to to request one, along with a scanned copy of your currently valid UoH Identity Card, and a choice of username (give two options in case one is taken already…).

What else can we do to connect? Send in your suggestions to me at my new account:


10 thoughts on “Bridging the Gap(ps)

  1. Hello sir,

    I am very happy with this new initiative. Sir, if possible like the university walk we should conduct walk for university departments, hostels, mess areas. I hope it will help to know the real diseased areas of our university.

    Thanks Ajay

  2. Dear Sir,

    I was wondering if we could have an electronic notice board(s) so that the notices and circulars issued by your office and the admin and other departments can be displayed online. As of now, the very important notices are given on the main university website but other notices, though should not be displayed on main website unfortunately are not displayed electronically anywhere. Institues like IITs have such electronic notice boards on their intranet

      • Dear Sir,

        I am Kumar from Andaman & Nicobar, would like to avail the information under RTI Act about the reservation of North East Students and Andaman & nicobar Islands. My questions are as follows:
        1) How many students were applied from last five years under the Quota reservation for North East and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
        2) How many students were admitted from Last Five years under these Quota with remarks adding their marks, rank and list of waiting list and final admitted list.
        3) How many students were applied and admitted from last five years under North East and Andaman Quota for Phd courses.
        4) What is the preferences for North East and Andaman students for Phd courses.
        5) Kindly provide me the list of five years of students who have applied and admitted under North East and Andaman Quota/ Reservation for Phd with their total marks for awarding their admission and remarks due to which other students were not admitted.
        Hope to receive the above details in due course of time. Thanks in advance for saving paper and providing the RTI answers through online.

        Thanks and regards

        R/o Port Blair
        Andaman and Nicobar Islands

      • It was filed RTI through online facility what your organization is offering. This RTI was filed under RTI act only on 3rd April

  3. Sir,

    Gapps is working fine. I observed that it is very difficult to find out any School/ Department/ Faculty from our University’s website. I request you to kindly see the Delhi University website which is very good. We have to develop our University website like that. Another website which is user friendly is NIDM (National Institute of Disaster Management) where the details of all office staff/ faculty/ RTI etc. are clearly mentioned. Kindly instruct the concerned about the development of our website.

    Thank you.

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