Maths Teacher of the Year

skOne of the first posts on this blog was about our colleague Prof. S Kumaresan in the School of Mathematics and his involvement with MTTS, the MATHEMATICS TRAINING AND TALENT SEARCH PROGRAMME. The aims of MTTS (and thats largely Prof. Kumaresan) are

  • To teach mathematics in an interactive way rather than the usual passive presentation. To promote active learning, the teachers usually ask questions and try to develop the theory based on the answers and typical examples. At every level the participants are encouraged to explore, guess and formulate definitions and results.
  • To promote independent thinking in mathematics.
  • To provide a platform for the talented students so that they can interact with their peers and experts in the field. This serves two purposes: i) the participants come to know where they stand academically and what they have to do to bring out their full potential and ii) they establish a rapport with other participants and teachers which help them shape their career in mathematics.

At that time, I had written that “The work of Prof. Kumaresan in this arena, in encouraging the growth of competence in our mathematics community, will go a long way in ensuring that although the road ahead may be a bit rocky and steep, there will be mathematicians to help us along the way…”

UntitledThe Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, has been thinking of how to recognize such contributions. A few years ago they instituted the INSA Teachers Awards. The award aims to recognize and honour teachers who have provided guidance and inspired students to take up careers in Science and Technology. 

We are very proud that Prof. Kumaresan is one of the Awardees for the year 2013. And even more proud that the INSA has recognized the value of teachers who, as they put it, have shown consistent and high level of teaching. Their hope that Prof. Kumaresan will continue to nurture talent in the coming years is sure to be borne out. Bravo!


5 thoughts on “Maths Teacher of the Year

  1. We cannot agree more on this. Prof. Kumaresan is most deserving of this award. Hope the MTTS programme makes even more impact on mathematical scene in India and will inspire many more to take up higher mathematics.

    Ajit Kumar
    ICT Mumbai

  2. Prof Kumaresan has not just inspired students – he has also inspired teachers towards a higher vision of what we are about…

  3. Truly deserving.. He has been the role model for many thousands of mathematics students, and mathematics teachers too. Hope this news inspires many other capable mathematics teachers to work in this sort…

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