New Year Greetings!

2015 New Year With PresentsHere’s wishing the UoH family a very Happy New Year! I hope the year will bring us all closer to our own goals as a University, and also closer to our own individual goals and closer as a University! And I hope that we will also find a year of peace that will allow us all to grow in every important way.

I hope we learn better to enjoy the very special environment in which we work and live, and that we appreciate, nurture and protect it even more than we already do! Our campus is a very special place, and it is a wonderful gift that we already have, a gift that renews itself each day!

May 2015 be a happy year for all of us!


4 thoughts on “New Year Greetings!

  1. At the expense of being an apple polisher, we must also appreciate the erudite and well-meaning Vice Chancellor that we have! Cheers for the new year.

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