Campus rEsources

In the past year we have been developing a number of resources for UoH campus residents.

A Campus Map! Click to download: UoHGuideMap

G Apps
Get mail id and profile, Write a request to: with a copy of your id card and preferred username
Or call 040-2313-2642, Forms to be submitted at CNF

Greater Hyderabad Academic Network – network of academic institutions in Hyderabad for sharing information and resources

WhatsUp UoH
Send event announcements to
Get mail alerts about campus announcements-
For web, calendar, sms updates, visit

Share grievances, start and follow discussions, engage in multiple activities ( mail address required)

Browse courses and syllabus contents, Submit your syllabus too

Online Newsletter
Have a look at the happenings at UoH

Youtube Channels
UoH DistinguishedLectures

Facebook Page


University Website

Academic Section

Gender Sensitive Committee Against Sexual Harassment – stop sexual harassment

VC’s Blog
A central Central University
Share your views

UoH 100 Pins Page


One thought on “Campus rEsources

  1. Dear Prof. Ramaswamy,

    I have been admitted to the M.A. Political Science course, which begins in July this year. Unlike JNU and Delhi University websites, the UoH one does not have a detailed course structure available. The 2014-2015 prospectus also simply repeats what’s on the website. I logged on to the UoH Course Catalogue and was disappointed to see cleanly formatted blanks for all Social Science courses. I have unsuccessfully tried to contact political science department HoD G. Sudarshanam. My emails to him have gone unanswered. May I know, in this case, how am I expected to decide whether I want to study at this place or not?

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